I’m Joey.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer and jack of all trades. I’m passionate about solving problems and creating change. Currently I’m traveling the globe for the year. Previously, I worked at Pinterest for 3 years.

Pinterest Mobile Analytics


Businesses are highly valued content creators on Pinterest. Yet the tools given to them were outdated, difficult to use, and didn’t clearly show how their content was performing. My work was informed by international quantitative and qualitative research and resulted in a simplified yet powerful experience for business content creators. The end product allowed businesses to capitalize on their presence, create more content with greater confidence, and invest more readily in advertising.


Home Feed Algorithm Tuner


Pinterest shows users just under a billion images every day. Most of those images are picked by an algorithm that specifically tailors each choice to the user. But what happens when the algorithm makes a mistake? What happens when the images are irrelevant, or even harmful to the user? Over the course of a year, I created a suite of mechanisms that allows users on Pinterest to supply negative feedback on content and take control of their algorithm. This led to a 54% reduction in negative app reviews relating to bad content, increased daily user engagement, and built trust and transparency for the users.






Building and Maintaining Design Systems


For a little over a year and a half I was the main point of contact for the Pinterest Design System. I was able to quickly ramp up my knowledge, becoming the point of contact and subject matter expert at the company. I worked alongside several engineers and two production designers to empower a rapidly expanding team of 40+ designers and 200+ frontend engineers. I was also responsible for re-designing and shipping major updates across our design system. These updates touched every surface of the Pinterest experience across all platforms and drove gains in user engagement and revenue.

Just before I switched to focusing more on product experiences I gathered my knowledge and presented to an audience of over 200 at a design systems conference by Rethink at LinkedIn’s headquarters in San Francisco. See my presentation in the video above!

About Me

I’m a designer with experience ranging from print design and identity to product design and research. I was an intern at Manual in 2015 and went on to be head of my graduating class at the University of Washington Design program in 2016. I secured a job offer from Pinterest in San Francisco just before graduating.

While at Pinterest, I drove an expansion of the Pinterest Design System and empowered a rapidly expanding team of 40+ designers and 200+ front end engineers. I systematically clarified every major surface of both the web and mobile applications, reduced clutter and drove growth in comprehension, engagement, and revenue. After transitioning to the Core Experience team, I created a suite of experiences to give users control over their recommendation algorithm. After moving back to my hometown of Seattle I switched gears and built the first mobile business analytics tools that resulted in increased content creation and advertiser revenue.

I took a year-long sabbatical in 2020, travelling with my partner around South America and the United States. Now I am turning my mind towards activism, mental health, social impact, and climate change. I am actively looking for my next job. If you are interested in talking with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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